Hair Services
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Haircuts: For men, women and children, THE CLIP SHOP hairstylists can create the exact look you have been searching for, from the basic bob to the avant-garde haircut. Our stylists are the best professionals in the business, always up-to-date on the latest cutting and styling techniques.

Style is not WHAT you wear, it's HOW you wear it...

Where do we get our inspiration?

The leaders of our industry work with internationally renowned agencies to identify future trends as they surface on the streets of London, Tokyo, Paris and New York. These expert trend-watchers study the subtle nuances in fashion, music, art, architecture, culture and politics. The trends are then integrated into the most important hair movements for the coming months and form the basis of our seminars and weekly classes.

You can innovate and get a new cut or stick to a classic, geometric style that will grow out well. We will be there every step of the way.

All prices are subject to change, according to the length and condition of hair, as well as use of additional products, application and time required. For an exact quote, consult with our professionals prior to booking.

Salon prices are subject to change due to length and condition of hair as well as conditions that necessitate additional product usage, application and time required.
Consultations are available at no charge.

NOTE: All coloring services include a complimentary haircut/blow dry service. Please change into one of our smocks to protect your clothing.

Haircut & Blow Dry
Clipper cut
Clipper cut Cleanup
Student Haircut(12 & up)
Kids Haircut (6-11yrs)
Child Haircut (0-5yrs)
Updo / Braid
Deep Conditioner*
$30 & up
Vital Shot*
$30 & up
Scalp Renew Dermabrasion Treatment for a healthy scalp*
$35 & up
Flat Iron* 
$30 & up
* (Shampoo, Haircut and Blow Dry not included)
Straightening and Smoothing
Keratin treatment
deposit required
$325 & up
Keratin Express Blowout
deposit required
$200 & up
Keratin Add-on
Short Hair Perm
$125 & up
Medium Hair Perm
$155 & up
Long Hair/Specialty Perms
$190 & up
Root Color (NO FOILS) with Haircut/Blowdry
$112 & up
Roots Only (NO Haircut/Blowdry) Add-on
Additional Color Up-Charge 1
Additional Color Up-Charge 2
Additional Color Up-Charge 3
Cellophane (NO FOILS) with Haircut/Blowdry
$112 & up
Cellophane Only (NO Haircut/Blowdry) Add-on
Cap Highlighting with Haircut/Blowdry
$140 & up
Full Foil with Haircut/Blowdry
$200 & up
Partial Foil with Haircut/Blowdry
$155 & up
Highlighting and Lowlighting with Haircut/Blowdry
$220 & up
Double Process Color with Haircut/Blowdry
$200 & up
Full Balayage with Haircut/Blowdry*
*includes toner
$250 & up
Toner/Glaze with Haircut/Blowdry
$112 & up
Toner/Glaze Only (NO Haircut/Blowdry) Add-on
Shinefinity with Haircut/Blowdry
$112 & up
Shinefinity Only (NO Haircut/Blowdry) Add-on
Individual Foil
Individual Foil 2
Individual Foil 3
Individual Foil 4
Individual Foil 5
Corrective Color
Upon Consultation
NOTE: All color services (Wella, Illumina) fall under Root Color. All foils (blondor, color, magma) are the same. Toner/Glaze are the same service.
Hair extensions
deposit required
It’s all about beautiful hair, thicker or longer, and it’s now simple and affordable. Clip-ins are also available.
Upon Consultation

NOTE: All coloring services include a complimentary haircut/blow-dry service. Please change into one of our robes to protect your clothing for all chemical services.